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La CapsuleBox est une box mensuelle contenant des gachapon, des petites capsules de goodies surprises.

En vous abonnant à la CapsuleBox, vous recevrez chaque mois (tant que votre abonnement est actif) une box contenant au moins 6 gachapon séléctionnés par notre équipe de fans !

Les avantages de la CapsuleBox :

  • Une belle boite pleine des surprises
  • Des exclus : Des gachapon difficilement trouvables pour certains
  • Les dernieres nouveauté en direct du Japon
  • L'équilibre : un mélange de tout type de capsules
  • Une brochure explicative
  • Le prix bas et les frais de port compris dans le prix

We usually send the boxes between the 5th and the 9th of each month.

Then you have to consider about 20 days before your box arrives.

Sometimes, the shipping can take longer if the post has a lot of packages to process at the airport.

If you add the tracking/insurance option to your subscription, we will provide a tracking number by email when your box is ready to be shipped. Tracking is not available for Belgium.

Shipping and carrier

Boxes usually take 20 days to arrive, but it may take longer if there are a lot of packages to process at the airport. In that case, the Post may receive the package later and the shipping may be delayed.

If you chose the shipping with tracking, go to the Japanese post service web site that you received in the confirmation mail of your box. If the package arrived in your home country, you can have more info on the web site of your local post service.

If you didn’t choose the tracking option, you only have to wait. Some packages can rarely take more than a month to arrive.

A package is considered lost three months after the shipping. During this period, the package can arrive at your house or be sent back to Japan. If the package comes back in Japan, we’ll contact you to offer you a reshipping.

Shipping is free worldwide. (Tracking and Insurance option available for an additional fee).

If the tracking of your package on the Japan Post web site shows “Retention”, it means that your box is waiting for you in your post office.

For more info about your package, go to the web site of your local post with your tracking number.

- For United States:
- For France:
- For Belgium:
- For Switzerland:
- For Germany:

To modify your shipping address, go to “My subscriptions” by clicking on your ID at the top right of this page.

You can’t modify your address at the beginning of the month when the boxes are being prepared. If you realize that you made a mistake when typing your address, please contact us as soon as possible via email.

Payment and billing

For now, the only available payment method is PayPal. PayPal is a very easy and secure payment method. You can use your credit cards on PayPal to pay.

To cancel your subscription, go to « My subscriptions » by clicking on your ID at the top right of the web site. Under your subscription’s overview, there is a “Cancel my subscription” button.

The first payment occurs when you confirm your subscription on the web site. The following payments are processed on the 10th of each month.


From time to time, we send boxes to YouTubers or bloggers to make them discover our surprise box. However, we have to choose wisely because our stock is rather limited:

  • Your channel / blog has to have something to do with Japan, food or monthly boxes
  • You need to have a significant number of views, as we don’t send boxes to new sites / YouTube

Want to discover the amazing world of gachapon?
The CapsuleBox is for you!

Nächste Box: CapsuleBox März 2024, Versand voraussichtlich am 8. März 2024!

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