New VAT rules in the European Union from July 1, 2021

From July 1, 2021, e-commerce legislation in Europe will change. From this date, customers making online purchases on websites based outside the European Union will have to pay VAT, starting from the 1st euro. .

For example, if a German resident buys a product worth €10 on a site based in Japan, he will also have to pay €1.9 in VAT (the VAT rate in Germany is 19%).

This VAT can be paid in 2 different ways:
1 - Directly on the web shop, in addition to the price of the products (for platforms registered in Europe)
2 - Upon delivery, directly to the carrier. In this case, additional fees are also billed by the carriers. Around €15 for postal service.

Many gray areas and questions still remain about the application of these new rules and we do not yet have all the answers.

However, we are working to make changes in the coming weeks and months, to collect VAT on the price of our subscriptions, to avoid additional charges during delivery.

We are counting on your understanding and support in the coming weeks regarding these new rules which directly affect us.

Some VAT rates:

- Germany 19%
- Austria 20%
- Italy 22%
- Belgium 21%

This page may be updated in the event of new information.

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