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NihonBox August 2018

A box on the theme "Team Spirit", featuring anime & manga whose team spirit is paramount!

The box august included 7 products:

  • A Sword Art Online Action Figure - Asuna
  • A Fairy Tail MUG (Exclusive NihonBox)
  • A Tatami coaster (Made in Japan)
  • Osomatsu-san plush
  • A pack of 3 Taiyaki
  • A Pop Epic Gachapon
  • An oval porcelain dish (Made in Japan)

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ofOctober 2017

Halloween was the main guest of the November NihonBox, with a selection of 7 Japanese products!

The box ofOctober included 7 products:

  • A Slime tissue box cover
  • A Tanuki mask
  • A pack of sweet potato snacks
  • A selection of Halloween treats
  • A Ghibli notebook
  • A gashapon
  • A retractable key chain

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Next box : NihonBox January 2019 - To be shipped on January 8 2019!

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