Terms of Service


NihonBox.com is published by NihonBox LLC (hereinafter NihonBox), based in Yokohama, Japan.

The conditions set out below are subject to Japanese law.


SITE: "Designates the NihonBox.com website"

CUSTOMER: "Any person placing an order on the SITE"

BOX: "Designates a surprise package put up for sale monthly on the SITE and the content of which is known to the CUSTOMER only after receipt"

Article 1. Acceptance of general conditions

The CUSTOMER undertakes to read these Terms and Conditions carefully and to accept them, before proceeding to the payment of an order placed on NihonBox.com.

These Terms and Conditions are referenced at the bottom of each page of the BOX sales site.

These general conditions are applicable for the two types of BOX sold by NIHONBOX, namely the "NihonBox" and the "UmaiBox" whose description is clearly presented on the SITE.

NihonBox advises customers to read the Terms and Conditions on each new order, as the latest version of these Terms applies to any new order, and these may change without notice.

By using the site NihonBox.com, the customer acknowledges having read, understood and accepted the General Conditions without limit or condition.

Article 2. Specific conditions for the monthly box service

This service provides for the monthly distribution to its customers of a box (BOX) containing products from Japan and related to Japanese culture in the broad sense.

The Contract provided for in these General Conditions provides for the sending of one box per calendar month, that is, one box for the month of January, one box for the month of February, etc.

It is expressly agreed that NIHONBOX reserves the right to suspend his service for one month. In this case, the Customer will not be debited or will be refunded the amount of the box.

When ordering, the Customer will be required to fill in a form. The Customer shall ensure that the information provided is accurate and complete. NIHONBOX can not be held responsible for the consequences of any errors of seizure.

The contract between the Customer and NihonBox will be concluded only at the time of the reception by the Customer of an email of confirmation of subscription by NihonBox.

A) Subscription

Subscription to the monthly mail box service can be done in two ways:
- Subscription with with advance payment of 3 months or 6 months.
- The monthly subscription without commitment, with monthly payment.

a) Subscription with advance payment of 3 months or 6 months.

By subscribing to this offer, the Customer subscribes to the monthly delivery service of a box for a period of 3 months, 6 months, or 3, 6, from the date of the first box received.

It makes the payment at once to the order, for the whole of the service offered for the duration indicated.

All subscriptions 3 months, 6 months are automatically renewed on the 10th of the anniversary month.

The Customer will not be able to unsubscribe from this offer before the end of the subscription period, except for the reasons stated in the article "unsubscribing" of these General Conditions of Sale.

However, the Customer may cancel the tacit renewal of his subscription at any time in "My subscriptions"> "Cancel my subscription".

No unsubscription request will be taken into account by email, with the unsubscription being available in one click in the CUSTOMER's account.

The Customer must unsubscribe before the 10th of the month preceding the anniversary month in order to not be renewed.

For example: By subscribing on April 11 for a 3 month subscription, the Customer will receive its 1st box in May, its 2nd box in June, its 3rd box in July.
The tacit renewal of the subscription will be made on July 10, for a new period of 3 months. The Customer can cancel the tacit renewal until July 9th. This action will not cancel the sending of the already paid boxes and can therefore be done at any time of the subscription.

b) Monthly subscription

By subscribing to this offer, the CUSTOMERS subscribes to the monthly delivery service of a box shipped by NIHONBOX until one of the parties decides to finish the subscription. The Customer acknowledges that his subscription to this offer commits him to a mandatory monthly payment.

Payment of the first box is made on the day of the subscription, the following payments will be made every 10th of the month.

For example: By subscribing on February 4th to a monthly subscription, the CUSTOMER will pay its first box on February 4th and will receive its first box in March. The next payment will take place on March 10th for the April box, then on April 10 for the May box and so on.

The Customer is free to terminate his subscription at any time, without penalty, under the conditions stipulated in the article "unsubscribing" of these General Conditions.

By validating his order, and having check the content of the order and, if necessary, having modified it, the Customer declares to accept fully and without reserve the whole of these General Conditions.

After confirming the contents of his order, the CUSTOMER will validate it definitively by the payment. The order will be definitive only after payment of the corresponding price.

c) Operation of the monthly subscription without commitment and a subscription with commitment

NIHONBOX will systematically confirm the subscription of each CUSTOMER by e-mail.

The first box will be shipped the calendar month indicated during the order.

Any order placed between the 1st and last day of month m-1, the BOX will be sent in month m.

For example: In order to get the box of May, the CUSTOMER has between the 1st April and 30th April to subscribe.

B) Unsubscribe

a) Subscription with advance payment of 3 months or 6 months.

The CUSTOMER can not request to stop sending its boxes for an already paid 3 months or 6 months period except for the following reason:
Absence of the territory covered by the subscription for a period exceeding 6 months from its notification to NihonBox (if the 6 months are between the beginning and the end of the annual subscription). The Customer shall notify NihonBox of its decision to unsubscribe by e-mail. Any unsubscription to a 6-month subscription will be refunded by NihonBox within thirty (30) days of the date of the valid notification, in an amount based on the advancement of the subscription. This amount is calculated as follows: the price of the subscription paid multiplied by the number of boxes remaining to be shipped by NihonBox divided by six (6).

b) Monthly subscription without commitment

Customers who subscribe to a monthly subscription may terminate their subscription at any time in "My subscriptions"> "Cancel my subscription". No unsubscription request will be taken into account by email, with the unsubscription being available in one click in the customer's account. The CUSTOMER must unsubscribe before the 10th of the previous month in order not to be taken and thus not receive the box of the following month. Any box paid by the CUSTOMER will be automatically sent to him, and the subscription will not end until after the last box for which the CUSTOMER has been debited.

Article 3. Price of the services and products for sale on the site

The sale prices of the services and products are displayed on the SITE and indicated in Euros or Dollars VAT included, it being understood that the products ordered are invoiced at the prices indicated during the registration of the order. The sale prices of the services and products may be modified by NihonBox at any time and the modification will then be reported to the CUSTOMER prior to any Order.

Article 4. The products included in the BOX

Most of the products contained in the BOX are intended for the Japanese market. All the information attached to the products is therefore in Japanese. We do not translate entries on products.

The products can be of any type, including food.

In case of allergy, please DO NOT consume the products in the BOX.

Article 5. Labeling and information on the products

Although NIHONBOX endeavors to be as complete as possible on the description of the products in its BOXES, it is recommended that the CUSTOMER not only rely on the information provided in the flyer of each BOX (Uses, ingredients, allergens, etc.). For detailed product information (food or other), contact the manufacturer directly. Under no circumstances may the information attached to the BOX replace the advice of a doctor or other certified member of the medical profession. Contact your doctor immediately if you suspect a medical problem. NIHONOX can not be held liable for any error or inaccuracy in the information on its website or the brochures of its BOX. The CUSTOMER is required to check the expiry date of each product before they are consumed. NIHONBOX can not be held responsible for any medical problem related to the consumption of a product present in the BOX.

Article 6. Sending and delivery of orders

BOXES are sent between 1 and 12 of each month.

BOXs can be sent to France (DOM-TOM included, with additional fee), Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada and USA at no extra charge.

The BOX are sent via the Japanese Post in Economy Airmail (SAL): the delivery time announced by the Japanese Post is 2 weeks. If you have not received your BOX within 30 days after notification of the shipment, we advise you to contact your post office. For Germany, the passage to the customs clearance considerably increase delivery times (it sometimes takes 2 months).

Once the parcel has been collected by the Japanese Post, NIHONBOX can not be held liable in the event of loss, non-receipt or damage to this parcel. In the event that the CUSTOMER chooses a delivery with insurance, and in this case only, the CUSTOMER can be refund in case of loss of the parcel, after a investigation made by the Japanese Post.

NihonBox can not be held responsible if a BOX is return to Japan in case of incorrect address or in case of time of custody of the parcel by your post office is exceeded.

In the event that a BOX is returned to us, it is then necessary to pay again shipping costs so that we send it again to you. The charges that will apply will be the actual shipping costs, not the NIHONBOX charges for a normal order.

Article 7. Customs fees 

Customs fees and taxes may be applied on parcels sent from Japan. We have no control over whether or not these fees are applied because they are random.

Fees vary according to your country. Taxes are calculated on the basis of the total price of the package = content + postage, plus any handling fees.

Amounts of VAT that may be applied to the order depending on your country. Here is some examples of fee:

France : 19.6%
Canada : 14%
Belgium : 21%
Swiss : 8%
Germany : 19%
USA : depend of your state

These costs and taxes are the responsibility of the CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER is responsible for the possible steps to be taken to be able to receive his parcel according to the law applicable in his country.

Article 8. Returns, Modifications and Cancellations

The CUSTOMER has a period of 7 days after receipt of his BOX to claim and obtain a refund of his order. Any request concerning the return of order must be made by e-mail to box [at] nihonbox.com. The CUSTOMER must indicate the reason for the return and the number of his order. The shippong costs incurred by a return must entirely be paid by the CUSTOMER. The returned product must be in the original condition in its original packaging.

The CUSTOMER may change its delivery address only if the BOX has not yet been shipped. In case of error of address, thank you to contact us as soon as possible.

When orders are completed, it is no longer possible to cancel an it.
If a BOX (NihonBox or UmaiBox) is sent back to Japan by the CUSTOMER local post office because the CUSTOMER didn't pick-up it after the period of stay. The CUSTOMER has 2 choices :
- A new shipment of the box, after paying the fixed shipping cost of 7,90€

- A partial refund calculted as follow : price paid for one BOX - 7,90€ (fixed shipping fee).

Article 9. Applicable law

These general conditions of sale are subject to Japanese law.

However, we strive to respect the demands of any CUSTOMER. In the event of a problem or complaint, the CUSTOMER can contact NihonBox to find an amicable solution.

Article 10. Privacy

NihonBox respects the privacy of all users of the site. We collect and use information on our site within the framework of the rules defined below:

At no time can NihonBox collect information about your credit card, since payments are made by a third party, PayPal.

The information collected is used only to prepare and send your orders.

We will not sell or give third parties any information about you.

Article 11. Intellectual property

The texts, images and illustrations present and diffused on the site nihonbox.com are with the property of NihonBox. Any total or partial reproduction of the site nihonbox.com is strictly prohibited.

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