Statement on COVID-19

1) COVID-19 Context

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Japan Post announced on April 1st 2020 the temporary suspension of part of its services, including the Economy Method (SAL) that we usually use to ship all our boxes (see Japan Post announcement here).

In order for you to keep enjoying our boxes during this difficult period, we've decided to make adjustments. Our team will use Air Mail priority shipping method in countries where it's still available, all without affecting the price of your subscriptions.

In some countries (like the USA) where Japan Post suspended all its service, we'll use alternative methods like DHL Express or FedEx.

As soon as the situation allows us, we will switch back to the old shipment method.

2) Where and How boxes will shipped during the crisis

During this exceptional period, shipping method will be swtiched to Air Mail without tracking number (insurance is always active), with delivery times significantly longer than usual (despite the priority shipping method we use). For some countries, we'll use DHL or FedEx.

Countries we're currently unable to ship:
Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cyprus, Greece, Guinea, Israel, Romania, Saudi Arabia

For the United Kingdom: Due to the Brexit situation & the increase in import taxes that comes with it, we have temporarily halted new subscriptions to the UK, however for already active subscribers, we will continue to send your boxes as usual.


What are the delivery times currently?
Currently, delivery time is normal (3~5 weeks). However, depending on the evolution of the COVID situation (lockdowns, decrease in the number of airplanes to certain countries etc…) packages can take longer to leave Japan (about 4~6 weeks depending on your country) as well as take longer to reach each country.

Will my subscription price change?
Shipping boxes by Airmail priority is obviously faster but also more expensive. However, we've decided to handle this price increase. This is obviously an extremely difficult effort for our small business, but this crisis affects us all, and we hope to overcome it quickly with your help and support!

However, for the boxes shipped with DHL & FedEx, we had no choice but to increase the price of shipping fee during the pendemic, depending of your country.

Our entire team thanks you in advance for your understanding and support. Please stay safe and take care. #WereAllInThisTogether

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